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Advanced Technology Designed for All Machine Applications

The new generation Fagor CNC is designed to bring advanced technology to small- and mid-sized machines. "The Fagor 8060 CNC is equipped with proprietary advanced features necessary for high speed machining, yet maintains the best machining surface finish while providing maximum accuracy," said a company spokesperson.

Featuring a modern design utilizing a slim LCD color monitor coupled with an ergonomic IP65 rated keyboard incorporated to the CNC processor, the 8060 is suitable for high performance compact machines. It is available in both vertical and horizontal keyboard configurations with an optional touchscreen monitor.

Remote machining control utilizing the Fagor Process Informer application allows automatic notifications to phone or email in the case of program stoppage or error during lights-out operations. In addition, remote diagnostic and troubleshooting capability is a standard feature.

Standard Ethernet communication allows the 8060 to be quickly and easily set up as another node within the computer network, thus data exchange is fast and easy. The 8060 also has the capability of executing a program residing on another PC through the Ethernet port, thus increasing shop floor flexibility. A USB port is provided as standard for quick and easy program uploading/downloading.

All of this technology is combined with Fagor Automation's exclusive IIP Programming (Interactive Icon-based Pages) Conversational Programming. The ICON key based conversational programming method simplifies programming by allowing the operator to choose the operation based upon an operation associated ICON key. The operator enters in the data directly off the blueprint - no prior CNC programming experience is required.

An easy pop-up browsing operation philosophy provides simple and straightforward navigation. Custom browsing provides the ability to filter the information the operators wish to utilize and hide other non-essential information. A free PC simulator is available online for download, thus allowing complete part program creation from any PC workstation.

"This ability to quickly and easily create programs on the shop floor or download via Ethernet or USB makes the 8060 CNC a good match for both high speed production machines or R&D application," said the spokesperson.

The HSC Dynamic Override feature allows the user to adjust the HSC Dynamic override via the mouse or right/left arrow keys. Accessed via a toggle key, the override can be adjusted at any time during the cycle execution process. HSC override will dynamically change the axes acceleration and jerk limits in real time by the user to allow for the best performance. There is also a variable that will allow for in-program changes by the operator. In addition, via machine parameters, the user can define the range allowed for override to ensure the machine mechanics are not compromised. This improves part finish, increases tool life and reduces mechanical stresses on the machine.

"The above feature, coupled with Adaptive Real-time Feed & Speed control (ARFS), in which the CNC analyzes the machining conditions such as spindle load, servo power and tool tip temperature, adapts both the axis feedrate and the spindle speed for maximum machining performance productivity. The result is a reduction of cycle time coupled with a superior part finish. Extended spindle and servo motor life is also accomplished as well as improved tool utilization," said the spokesperson.

The 8060 is designed to control up to 6 axes plus three separate spindles with two execution channels, and includes auto-tuning system set-up capability as well as kinematics management as standard features plus nanometric accuracy capability.

Solid Graphics is standard with all 8060 controls with an option for HD Graphics. Graphics is available in both Simulation and Execution modes and allows for part rotation, zoom capabilities and simultaneous multi-view screens, including viewing part cross-sections across various parallel or perpendicular planes. Graphics mode allows for quick and easy definition of the part stock and allows for presetting of the part views to be displayed.

Additional features include automatic on-board DXF file conversion. Plus, the 8060 has the ability to automatically convert programs generated from older Fagor CNC models, hence the ability to continue to utilize proven programs. Operators can edit in the old format before the conversion on board the 8060. The CNC also integrates the complete manual set directly into the CNC and is accessible through various help menus with automatic prompts to the pertinent information.


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