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Keep Shop Air Clean with Minimal Maintenance

Royal Products offers the Royal Filtermist Mist Collectors designed specifically to collect oil mist and smoke produced by metalworking machinery.

Based on the mechanical principle of centrifugal impaction, the Royal Filtermist effectively removes coolant mist from CNC machine enclosures in seconds, preventing the particles from escaping into the shop and settling on lights, floors, electrical connections and most importantly, workers' lungs.

According to the company, some advantages of Royal Filtermist Mist Collectors include:

  • Low-cost, easy to install and minimal maintenance
  • Highly efficient even in challenging high-pressure applications
  • Clean, safe shop air helps attract and retain talent
  • In-stock for same-day shipping.

For more information contact:

Royal Products

200 Oser Ave.

Hauppauge, NY 11788


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