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Safety as a Service for Workplace Safety

Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME), a provider of technological solutions for occupational safety, has launched AMESPHERE, a proprietary platform delivered as a service that enhances the way companies deal with safety in complex work environments.

"Safety solutions have traditionally been broadly based on subjective data. AMESPHERE raises the standards of workplace accident protection and prevention by objectively assessing site wide risks in real time. Using high quality data and analysis algorithms, AMESPHERE derives information useful for improving not just safety, but also the overall efficiency of operations," said Claudio Salvador, owner and President of AME.

Safety as a Service

AMESPHERE provides subscription-based services to increase workplace safety and efficiency. It includes vehicle/person and vehicle/vehicle collision avoidance; real-time data collection and processing; objective and qualitative analysis of safety and efficiency; and dedicated reporting tools. Constant software and firmware updates, remote technical support and a multiyear subscription formula make the service the first of its kind, the company reported.

"We have created AMESPHERE as a subscription-based solution so that customers can select the exact services they need and get the best value from their investment," explained Filippo Bonifacio, CEO and Vice President of AME. "No large upfront investments are required, and the company is assured that it can always access its data securely, have the most up-to-date software/firmware versions and enjoy new features as they become available."

From Subjectivity to Objectivity

AMESPHERE improves safety conditions by objectively detecting near misses that occur during work activities, enabling preventive action to be taken.

"AMESPHERE considers only events that pose a risk because it takes into account and weighs variables for determining the level of hazard associated with a given event," said Salvador. "Local Positioning System (LPS) technology detects an operator's position relative to a vehicle with more reliable and accurate performance than any other collision avoidance system. This allows the system to intervene only when the level of risk is objectively high, thereby avoiding false alarms. Consequently, this increases not only safety but also the overall efficiency of the system."


The AMESPHERE system is formed of three devices interconnected via Bluetooth. It is easy to install on any type of operating machine and provides a site-wide safety net.

  • AMESPHERE KEY is the sensor at the technological basis of the whole system, detecting all data which are transferred to the AMESPHERE TABLET.
  • AMESPHERE TABLET provides the user interface and connects the system to the AMESPHERE platform.
  • AMESPHERE TAG is a wearable device worn by workers, which is detected in real time by the AMESPHERE KEY.

Using a cloud platform, the system continuously collects data, processes and analyzes them, and presents results on intuitive dashboards.

"Events are detected and their risk level evaluated using adaptive logic, displaying an alert only when it exceeds the set risk threshold," said Bonifacio. "AMESPHERE's algorithm calculates the level of risk in real time based on parameters detected by the sensor and responds according to reaction time and minimum safety distance parameters."

Based on the data collected, the platform derives an index of safety and operational efficiency of the work environment, termed Efficiency & Safety Indicator (ESI). "This is the first time a single coefficient has provided a real-time snapshot of the state of safety and efficiency of any facility," said a spokesperson.

The Community

As a cloud-based solution, the AMESPHERE platform allows for the possibility of extending data analysis to individual operators in the industrial plant, thus enabling everyone to participate and contribute to the process of improving safety conditions.

"This technology requires less installation time and cost than other solutions in the market. Everyone, from managers to drivers, will be able to contribute to optimizing the safety/efficiency ratio of their workplace," concluded Bonifacio.

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