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Atlanta Gear Works Engineer Wins Prestigious Industry Award

At the 2023 American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) annual meeting in Lake Buena Vista, FL, Atlanta Gear Works Applications Engineer Corinna "Rinna" Draghi received the AGMA Next-Gen Award. This was one of only three prestigious awards presented at the annual meeting.

According to AGMA, the award "honors an up-and-coming leader that has done innovative work and significantly contributed to the betterment of the gear industry and AGMA."

The two other awards presented were to industry veterans who had made career-long contributions to the association.

"For over a century, AGMA has been blessed with outstanding membership. Time and again, we have seen gear industry professionals at different points in their professional careers go above and beyond to support growth, foster innovation and create positive, meaningful connections," stated Matthew Croson, President, AGMA.

Every year, the AGMA awards committee, a subcommittee of the AGMA board of directors, reviews the merits and achievements of the nominees. The work they accomplished and how it contributed positively to the future of the gear industry are key to the final selection. The committee then selects and presents their final nominee to the full board. In Draghi's case, the board voted unanimously in her favor.

AGMA board member Michelle Maddox, Sales and Business Development Manager at BR Gears, presented Draghi with the award. "When joining AGW, Rinna had zero background in gearing. She dove in headfirst with no reservations," said Maddox. "She has continuously put forth the effort to improve not only herself but also Atlanta Gear Works as a whole."

Since joining Atlanta Gear Works, Draghi has learned gearing from the ground up. This has included using gear inspector machines from Penta Gear, designing a gear set, identifying various gears and the geometry of gear teeth. She has earned her OSHA 30 certification and tries to take at least one or two AGMA online courses every year.

"Draghi's involvement with the AGMA has been invaluable," said Maddox. "Not only was she invited to speak on an all-women's panel at the Motion & Power Technology Expo, but she also continues to actively engage and contribute to the Strategic Networking & Leadership (SNL) Forum-a group designed for the next-generation of manufacturing leaders. Rinna's contributions are nothing short of an inspiration to the next generation of talent."

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