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Hybrid Style Safety Door Interlocks

Keyence Corp. of America has released the next evolution of safety door interlocks. Building on the features found in the GS Series interlocks, the GS-M's innovative hybrid style combines the safety of a locking type interlock and the simplicity of a noncontact interlock.

With the hybrid technology of the GS-M Series, users can choose whether the safety signals are being sent when the door is closed or closed and locked. The design offers the option to be a locking type (500/900 N locking force) or a simple noncontact interlock with the bonus of a built-in magnetic catch.

"The GS-M Series is designed specifically to address the most frustrating issues related to door interlocks, including misalignment due to door sag and machine vibration," said a company spokesperson. "Its flush design, large actuator and built-in spring combine to provide a level of forgiveness and flexibility not seen in conventional interlocks. Furthermore, dedicated units for sliding and hinged doors-from small access panels to full body doors-further ensure alignment and simplify mounting."

The GS-M features highly visible indicator lights and a small footprint. This series also features an integrated controller and a unique wiring saving unit (GS-T01), which optimizes the GS-M's daisy-chain ability and simplifies the wiring process. The GS-M can also mount directly to the machine frame through its dedicated brackets, eliminating the need to fabricate a custom mounting set-up.

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KEYENCE Corporation of America

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888-KEYENCE (539-3623)

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