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Brakes for Challenging Overhead Garage Door Applications

Because commercial garage doors range in many sizes and configurations, they require a "just right" model and size brake for reliable automatic operation. Miki Pulley offers a variety of brake models and sizes to meet a range of requirements.

For lighter and faster operating garage doors, the smaller Miki Pulley BXW model is recommended. It performs as a stopping and holding brake that performs efficiently when placed between a drive motor and gearbox.

For heavier, slower-opening doors, a large Miki Pulley BXR Brake model is effective for opening and holding the door open for worker safety.

Both the BXW and BXR brakes are spring actuated power-off brakes. This means that when voltage is applied (while door is opening or closing) the brake is disengaged, allowing free rotation. When the door is at its open or closed position and no voltage is flowing, the brake's compression springs within the stator housing press the armature plate against the rotor disc, halting and holding all door movement. This helps ensure safe door operation. The brake consumes electric power only when the door is in motion.

An important operating feature: Miki Pulley Brakes are "all weather" brakes with ambient operating temperature of 14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C).

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