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Moving More with Less

Caster Concepts engineers have released a variety of casters designed to improve the use of manual dollies, especially those used to transport heavy EV batteries at automotive plants. These ergonomically designed casters, like new TWERGO XTREME, allow manufacturers to keep pace with demand and improve efficiency.

TWERGO XTREME gives smaller manufacturing teams the ability to move loads of up to 3,000 lbs. while staying below the 50-lb. start-push force safety limits established by OSHA. XTREME improves the efficiency of EV dollies by reducing the push force to 44 lbs. and allows operators to move more batteries per dolly.

"Manufacturers can save upwards of $4 million by reducing their fleet of dollies and simply using TWERGO XTREME or TWERGO," said a company spokesperson.

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Caster Concepts

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Albion, MI 49224


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