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Sinker EDM Innovations Continue to Speed Quality

Makino has reengineered its EDAF2 and EDAF3 Sinker EDM machines with its newly introduced Version C. This edition improves the cycle time, repeatability and surface quality of sinker EDM machine models. The Makino EDAF2 and EDAF 3 Version C Sinker EDM machines are especially suited to the surface finish and production challenges faced by small complex part manufacturers, particularly in the die/mold sector.

The reimagining of the EDAF2 and EDAF3 Sinker EDM machines include a change to the work tank flow pattern to help prevent debris from re-entering the machining area. A built-in Smart Logic control further optimizes chip removal to prevent pin holing and achieve a more consistent surface finish.

A new adaptive control function available on the Version C, called AiSF, continuously monitors and adjusts spark and jump settings based on the stability of the machining process. The automatic adjustment to the discharge current eliminates arcing and buildup on the corners of the electrode, resulting in more uniform electrode wear and faster cycle times.

Further improving the machining quality of the EDAF2 and EDAF3 Version C machines are new cooling and filtration systems. The high-speed cooling system on the HS-Rib (the HS-Rib is a high-speed jump of 20 m/sec in the Z-axis at 1.5G acceleration) directs dielectric oil from the chiller to the heat exchanger, where it is distributed to the spindle and the bed tank as well as the Z-axis itself. The Z-axis, spindle, motor block and ball screw are cooled simultaneously to remove heat generated during the high-speed jump. "Compared to standard jumps, the HS-Rib system delivers ultra-fast machining at a time savings of up to 30%," said a company spokesperson. "The HS-Rib cooling system delivers exceptionally consistent and precise parts by preserving high-accuracy thermal stability during continuous machining operations."

The Makino EDAF Sinker EDM machining software and control technologies help operators at all skill levels achieve enhanced results while increasing the machine's overall equipment effectiveness, the company reported.

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