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Tilt-Spindle 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center

HU100-TS tilt-spindle 5-axis horizontal machining center

Mitsui Seiki's new HU100-TS 100 tilt-spindle 5-axis horizontal machining center (HMC) is built to handle machining of large, hard-metal workpieces that are better suited for tilt-spindle processing than trunnion table operations. The machine's fixed table and tilting head arrangement facilitates production of heavier and larger parts and can permit use of shorter, more rigid tooling. The new machine offers high rigidity and accuracy when machining tough materials such as titanium and Inconel that are common in aerospace, power generation and other high-value applications.

The horizontal table of the HU-100TS can accommodate workpieces up to 1,900 mm (76") long and 1,250 mm (50") in diameter, weighing up to 4,400 lbs. X-, Y- and Z-axis travels are 1,300 mm (52"), 1,500 mm (60") and 1,400 mm (56") respectively, with B-axis rotation of 360° and A-axis rotation of -30° to +120°. The machine's compact 5,530 mm (221") x 8,431 mm (337") footprint is similar to that of its 4-axis equivalent.

The column width and length/height ratio of the HU100-TS are engineered to maximize stability in heavy machining. The machine's HSK-A100 taper spindle provides up to 150 kW (201 HP) power and 1,508 Nm (1,112 ft-lbs.) torque. A standard automatic tool changer has capacity for 60 tools (180 optional), up to 500 mm (20") in length. Maximum tool diameter is 125 mm (5"); tools stored without adjacent tools can be up to 216 mm (8.6") in diameter.

"For aerospace manufacturers and others machining tough alloys, the new HU100-TS offers 5-axis, tilt-spindle flexibility and the automation potential of a HMC as well as the rigidity, accuracy and reliability of a heavy-duty design," said a company spokesperson.

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