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Air Bearing End Mill Grinding Fixtures

Rush Machinery offers a series of air bearing end mill grinding fixtures that allow precision sharpening of end mills, reamers, shell mills and other cutters. "The spindle floats almost frictionless on a thin film of air, resulting in a smooth, even grind," said a company spokesperson. The fixture quickly mounts on Rush drill and tool grinders, and is also available with a universal base to mount on most tool and cutter or surface grinders.

The units feature a hard chrome plated and ground spindle with a 10" stroke. Tools are held by 5-C or 5-ST collets or extension bushings for up to 2" (50 mm) diameter shanks. The fixtures allow for grinding the O.D. of any number of flutes and include a 12-position index plate for end grinding (other index plates are available). The micrometer infeed is graduated in .001" (.04 mm) of diameter. Use of the fixture allows the operator to customize end mill geometry for optimum performance.

For more information contact:

Rob Robbins, Sales Manager

Rush Machinery, Inc.

4761 Route 364

Rushville, NY 14544

800-929-3070 / 585-554-3070

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