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Parallel Kinematic Concept for Large Aluminum Components

Starrag offers its Ecospeed machining centers featuring patented parallel kinematic drives that replace conventional fork heads in drives. "With these exclusive parallel kinematic machines, users in the aerospace industry throughout the world are now milling very large and challenging aluminum components from solid metal," said a company spokesperson.

Sprint Z3 and the parallel kinematic concept: three parallel linear axis drives are mounted radially equispaced in a barrel-shaped headstock. The spindle platform is connected to each drive by means of rigid levers with a simple pivot at one end, and a ball joint at the other end. A high-performance motor spindle is mounted to the spindle platform. The headstock is mounted horizontally and moves vertically inside the column. "This arrangement offers minimum movable mass, resulting in unprecedented dynamic characteristics," said the spokesperson.

When all three axes are moved equally and simultaneously, the spindle is moved in a straight line in Z-direction. If the three axes move differentially, the spindle platform will be tilted in the A/B kinematic. Synchronized motion of the three Z-axes allows the spindle to describe any path within a spherical cone of ±45°.

All machines in the updated Ecospeed range are now available with the latest modules of Starrag's Integrated Production System (IPS). The IPS platform is based on the customer's individual task definition to provide the desired added value with a variety of features, systems and services. "Starrag has already used these IPS components to develop interesting and wide-ranging Industry 4.0 solutions in combination with Ecospeed flexible manufacturing systems," said the spokesperson.

All machines in the Ecospeed range feature 161 HP, 30,000 RPM, 61 ft-lbs. motor spindles and have the option of a C-axis, allowing the use of automatic interchangeable angular milling heads.

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