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Precision Twist Drill for Aerospace

"The Precision Twist Drill brand of cutting tools has been the leading brand for tools since the company was founded in 1952," said a Dormer Pramet spokesperson. "Delivering quality and consistency for many years in North America, the brand has a full range of drilling tools manufactured to National Aerospace Standards (NAS)."

NAS 907 HSS and HSCo standard drills are available in stub, jobber and aircraft extension lengths and are made from high quality HSS (bright or steam oxide) and HSCo (bronze oxide) substrates. Fractional, wire gauge, letter and metric size ranges are available. Select series available to this standard include the R10A, R10B, R10CO, R88CO, 500-12, CO500-12 and relevant sets.

NAS 965 HSS threaded hex shank standard drills are available in stub, short and long lengths. All are manufactured with 1/4-28 UNF threads and 5/16" wrenching flats. Standard diameters are available in fractional, wire gauge and letter ranging from 0.0980" to 0.2500". Other diameter and length options for this design can be quoted upon request, including HSCo and solid carbide substrates for the drilling portion of the tool. Select series available to this standard include the TS41, TS10 and TS52.

Since 1941, the National Aerospace Specification Committee (NASC) within the Aerospace Industries Association has been developing and maintaining the National Aerospace Specification (NAS) for compliance in the design and build of parts for aircraft, spacecraft, weapon systems and airborne electronics. "Components used in the manufacturing of subsystems are also directed by NAS to ensure consistent delivery of design and usage that optimizes performance, efficiency and productivity," said the spokesperson.

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