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High-Performing, Low-Emission Epoxy Primer

PPG has introduced PPG SIGMAFAST 278 epoxy primer to the U.S. market, giving fabricators flexibility when recoating steel components due to a longer re-coating window and reduced emissions.

Structural steel for large-scale construction projects is typically coated with primer at the fabrication facility and stored until needed, at which time the topcoat is applied. With traditional epoxy primers, fabricators have to apply a topcoat within a few weeks of a first application or plan and budget for additional surface preparation later on.

"The U.S. construction industry needed a competitively priced epoxy primer with a longer recoating window since it could be months or even a year before the steel is needed," said Brad Cignetti, PPG Global Infrastructure Segment Manager, Protective and Marine Coatings. "PPG Sigmafast 278 coating comes with limited restrictions on when a primed piece of steel can receive a topcoat, even if a project is delayed. This can save fabricators additional surface preparation costs."

"Another key advantage of PPG Sigmafast 278 coating is its composition of 80% solids and 20% solvents, which translates into low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)," said the spokesperson. While some U.S. fabricators are forced to shut down their coating operations once they reach their permitted VOC emissions cap, PPG Sigmafast 278 epoxy primer can allow them to coat more product in a set time due to its lower emissions profile.

Additional features of PPG Sigmafast 278 coating include:

  • Wide range of corrosion protection to protect customers' assets in diverse environmental conditions
  • Fast drying time, which enables transportation soon after application
  • No waiting time to apply after epoxy is mixed, which eliminates time lost for pre-reaction
  • Flexible curing at a wide range of temperatures
  • Large effective temperature range, which allows application in all seasons
  • Broad application thickness range to enable high dry-film thickness in one coat.

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