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Fagor Automation Becomes Member of CFAA

Fagor Automation CNC controls and high precision encoders have been used to create parts for both aeronautics engineering and astronautics engineering. For this reason, the governing board of the Business Association for the Development of Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing Techniques (AEDTFAA) has accepted the incorporation of Fagor Automation as a full member.

Being a member of this group automatically grants membership to the Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing Center (CFAA). The CFAA is a public-private initiative dedicated to the development of manufacturing projects. It was founded from the inspiration and support of the Basque Government, through the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures in Spain, and the Provincial Council of the Basque Country at the request of a group of companies in the sector led by ITP and Danobat. This project was later joined by the Biscaya technology park, as manager.

Being a member of the CFAA, Fagor Automation can now collaborate with aeronautical industry leaders, supporting Advanced Manufacturing projects in the field of Industry 4.0.

"The goal of Fagor Automation joining CFAA is to provide the aeronautical industry with the latest advances in automation and control systems, encoders with nanometric resolution, connectivity, monitoring and optimization of processes, predictive maintenance, advanced programming, additive manufacturing and ultra-precision machining," said a company spokesperson.

For more information contact:

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Fagor East Coast Operations

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Humberto Gomez (DRO & Feedback Products)

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Dan Chovan (Imports & Distributor Relations)

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