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High-Efficiency Advanced Hybrid Laser

Murata Machinery, USA offers its LS3015HL advanced hybrid laser machine. "Designed to deliver high-efficiency fabrication production, the LS3015HL combines high-speed fiber laser cutting precision with ultra-accurate forming and tapping functions," said a company spokesperson.

Maximizing the capabilities of the machine, laser processing on the LS3015HL is performed on a standard laser pallet using a flying optics system. The material is then transferred to a brush table with fork units utilizing clamps to hold the material in place, creating a seamless table transfer from cutting to forming operations. The machine supports various forming processes with upper and lower servo drives and performs servo-controlled tapping for a large variety of machine and roll-type taps.

Jeff Kalmbach, General Manager of the Murata Machinery, USA Machine Tools Division, said, "This type of value-added technology will provide our customers with an unparalleled amount of efficiency and throughput increases, which are the leading priority of our engineering teams."

In addition, the LS3015HL hybrid laser is automation ready and integrates with Muratec's FN3015TL sheet metal tower loader. "This large-capacity loader enables hours of unattended production, further increasing the efficiency capabilities of the multi-functional hybrid machine," said the spokesperson.

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Murata Machinery USA Inc.

P.O. Box 667609

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Charlotte, NC 28266


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