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3D Printing System for Mass Production

Desktop Metal has expanded the capabilities of the Production System, a metal printer engineered to deliver low cost per part with high capacity.

Powered by Single Pass Jettingätechnology, the Production System is designed for mass production. Since it was first introduced, advancements to the technology and capacity of the Production System have expanded to include:

  • Accelerated printing speeds to 12,000 cubic cm/hour
  • The company's flagship configuration now features an expanded build volume of 750 mm x 330 mm x 250 mm, a 225% improvement, for higher throughput and efficiency
  • Two full-width print bars, advanced powder spreaders and anti-ballistic system to spread powder and print in a single quick pass across the build area
  • Use of 32,768 piezo inkjet nozzles enables broad range of binder chemistries to print an array of metals-including tool steels, low alloy steels, titanium and aluminum-at a rate of 3 billion drops per second
  • An industrial inert environment, including gas recycling and solvent recovery, to safely print reactive metals in mass production
  • Capability to print more than 60 kg. of metal parts per hour.

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