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Laser Lenses Designed to Cut Thick Steel Plate

Laser Research Optics offers a line of ZnSe focusing lenses that come in various focal lengths for heavy steel cutting lasers. These lenses can be shipped overnight for field replacement.

These CO2 laser lenses are offered in 1" to 2" O.D. sizes with thicknesses ranging from 0.250" to 0.380" and feature focal lengths from 3" to 10" in 0.5" increments. Suited for 200 W to 4 kW CO2 cutting lasers, they are optimized for 10.6 microns and come in plano-convex and -meniscus configurations and can be supplied plain or mounted.

Designed to let users select the appropriate lens for their laser cutting application, the CO2 laser lenses are suited for OEMs or field replacement. Two versions are offered: one with standard A/R coatings that provide < 0.2% total absorption and another with a proprietary Cool-Cut coating that absorbs < 0.15% of laser energy to protect against heat damage.

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Laser Research Optics

A Division of Meller Optics, Inc.

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