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Desktop Waterjet Available

(l-r) WAZER Co-founders Matt Nowicki and Nisan Lerea

WAZER, a New York based startup offering professional-grade desktop fabrication tools to small manufacturers and workshops, has introduced its first desktop waterjet.

"The founders of WAZER built racecars at UPenn and spent hundreds of hours cutting sheet metal by hand," said a company spokesperson. "Penn Engineering did not have a waterjet cutter, so they built a small one as a school project. After graduating and a couple years of development at HAX accelerator, WAZER created its first desktop waterjet. The desktop machine cuts virtually everything, including steel, titanium, aluminum, glass, stone, tile and carbon fiber."

"WAZER is compact, contained and fully enclosed," continued the spokesperson. "It is designed to be safe, clean and quiet to operate, and is accessible to small businesses and schools who want to iterate quickly on designs. WAZER is also suitable for manufacturers. Large machines can stay productive while WAZER is used for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing."

WAZER's high-velocity jet uses a combination of high-pressure water and sand-like abrasive particles to cut through the workpiece. WAZER has a cut area of 12" x 18" and is capable of cutting up to .5" aluminum and .25" mild steel.

"WAZER is designed to be easy to set up, with no special electrical or water requirements. It runs on 110V AC / 60 Hz, and all that is needed is a water source, such as a sink or a hose pipe along with a drain," said the spokesperson.

WAZER includes its simple to use and free web-based software called Wam, helping users go from design file to cut in five minutes.

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