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Oil Belt Skimmers

Surface from Eriez HydroFlow are designed for use on machine tools subjected to oil contamination in the range of one to two gallons per hour, with tanks deeper than 2'. With their oleophilic belt that strips separated oil from both sides of the belt and requires no contact with a stationary scraper, these units are designed to offer enhanced performance and long service life.

The oil belt skimmers provide protection against destructive tramp oil contamination. Recognized as a major source of problems associated with water miscible cutting and grinding fluids, tramp oil contributes to the growth and formation of coolant destroying bacteria, undesirable residues on machine tools and workpieces and smoke and oil mist in shop atmospheres. Resulting issues may include shortened coolant life, inferior material removal rates, poor surface finish and size control and decreased tool and wheel life.

These oil belt skimmers feature a 3" belt width and have the capacity to remove 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons of oil contaminants per hour. The belt can be changed quickly and easily.

"Manufactured with heavy-duty steel and industrial-grade enamel paint, these low maintenance units have an open, accessible oil collecting tray with a handy drain connector. A variety of oleophilic belt materials are available to suit different applications," said a company spokesperson.

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