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CNC Servo Motor Driven Ram Turret Punch Press

Murata Machinery USA Inc. offers its CNC servo motor driven ram turret punch press series: the Motorum M2044TS/M2048TS. These punch presses are within Murata's series of 22-ton machines.

The ram drive of M2044TS/M2048TS series has incorporated CFRP in the part of toggle mechanism connected directly to the servo motor, making it lighter in weight and more rigid. The new drive mechanism and the replacement of the alternating movement decreases vibration by 65%. In addition, a reduction of motor heat saves energy in cooling and the recovery of electric energy when braking.

The servo motor drive mechanism is designed to deliver precise RAM control. Combined with Muratec application, M2044TS/M2048TS enables Ram Operation Patterns suitable for wide range of processes, including high-speed punching and forming operations.

Features include:

  • Punch-In, Pull-Out Type Wiedemann Tooling: "The positive Punch-in and Pull-out design of the ram, which is mechanically linked to the punch holder during the punching cycle, guarantees positive punching. This design provides high strength, precision and simplicity of tooling. By combining this feature with the newly innovated servo motor driven ram, the reliability of the machine has been greatly enhanced," said a company spokesperson.
  • Better Processing: "The M2044TS/M2048TS provide high speed processing with reliability and accuracy. These machines also raise overall productivity through process integration of deburring, forming, tapping and other processes, together with reduction of time needed to set up and program," said the spokesperson.
  • Deburring: "Deburring and pinching operation use ball bearings manufactured originally by Muratec. Two bearings from the top and bottom sides remove the burr of the edge of both sides, upper and lower, of the punched parts simultaneously by pinching the edge of the punched sheet along with the path," said the spokesperson.
  • High-Speed Auto-Index Mechanism: Index tool speed has been raised to 100 RPM. Reduction of positioning time for index tool angles, multi-tools and marking tools shortens production time.
  • Improved stability
  • Crash sensors stop the machine when material curves upward toward the turret, preventing a collision
  • Intelligent Control Operations: These include scheduling function, processing simulation function, machine control function, tool management and more.

"Murata introduced its servo driven punch press in 1994. Since then, our industry leading technology has evolved to meet the next generation needs," concluded the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

Murata Machinery USA Inc.

P.O. Box 667609

2120 Queen City Drive

Charlotte, NC 28266


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