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Welding with Servo Robot Seam Tracking Process Control

FANUC America Corporation recently demonstrated welding of an automotive component using the latest servo robot seam tracking process control.

An ARC Mate 100iD robot simulated MIG welding coupons held in a fixture within an automotive suspension cradle. First, a FANUC LR Mate 200iD, equipped with a servo robot sensor, loaded coupons to the fixture for welding. Next, the ARC Mate 100iD robot performed real-time seam tracking before welding the parts. Next, the LR Mate 200iD performs post weld profile inspection. The system highlighted the flexibility of the robots to perform multiple operations, offering easy set-up and connectivity to the servo robot. An Allen Bradley HMI displayed all process quality control channels. The ARC Mate 100iD robot used the Lincoln Electric Power Wave R450 for high-speed welding mode.

FANUC ARC Mate 100iD Robots

"The ARC Mate 100iD welding robot is the first model in the next generation of ARC Mate robots. Rated best-in-class for speed and accuracy, the ARC Mate 100iD offers higher productivity and precision compared to its predecessor due to its increased rigidity. With a 12 kg payload, it can handle the latest servo welding torches plus additional sensors or peripherals, increasing flexibility and productivity," said a company spokesperson.

The ARC Mate 100iD robot offers a sleek and lightweight design that features internal cable routing and a curved J2 robot arm, minimizing interference with workpieces and fixtures and allowing more productivity in the work area. The robot also features a longer reach and stroke - even in the backflip region - making it easier for customers to apply the robot while maximizing their available workspace - including larger parts or tooling.

ARC Mate 100iD features and benefits:

  • Large motion range increases system flexibility
  • Rigid arm eliminates motion vibration, even at high speeds
  • Supports FANUC's intelligent options, including iRVision, servo positioners and iRTorchMate
  • Smooth surface minimizes spatter collection, reducing maintenance
  • Fully integrated welding hose pack and cable management system simplifies and speeds up integration, and improves cable life which improves reliability
  • Large, hollow arm allows seamless integration of weld package dress outs, third-party utilities and sensor cables
  • An improved wire feeder installation creates a smaller, compact welding cell
  • The latest R-30iB Plus controller features an intuitive iPendant with enhanced screen resolution and more processing capability compared to previous versions.

FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robots

The family of LR Mate 200iD robots is a versatile solution for a wide range of manufacturing operations that require access into small spaces. A very slim arm and an optional bottom cable exit minimizes interference with peripheral devices. "The LR Mate 200iD robots offer a best-in-class work envelope for both upright and invert mount installations," said a company spokesperson. The LR Mate 200iD robots are also available with ISO Class 4 clean room and food-grade variants for food handling and healthcare packaging applications.

LR Mate 200iD features and benefits:

  • Slim arm and compact footprint minimizes interference to peripheral devices in narrow spaces
  • Available in three variations: standard, short and long arm
  • Four to seven kg wrist load capacity with 6-axis articulation
  • Best in class work envelope simplifies system layout
  • Fast joint axes speeds maximize system throughput
  • Integrated 24VDC power, signal and air for easy end-of-arm-tool connection
  • Integrated through-arm cable option for iRVision, force sensing, Ethernet and auxiliary axes
  • Flexible mounting (upright, invert, angle)
  • High rigidity and advanced servo technology enable smooth motion at high speeds.
  • Easy integration into machines
  • Features lightest mechanical unit in its class
  • IP67 rating allows operation in factory environments with dust and oil mist
  • The R-30iB Mate Plus controller features an intuitive iPendant with enhanced screen resolution and more processing capability compared to previous versions.

For more information contact:

FANUC America Corporation

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Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3253

888-FANUC-US (326-8287)

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