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How to Improve Machine Uptime

Bahmueller Service offers a variety of Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs, with the focus of creating a partnership with customers who want to keep their Bahmueller machines working long into the future.

"A large challenge within the fast-paced automotive manufacturing environment is the scheduling of planned downtime for maintenance or service," said a company spokesperson. "This scheduled downtime often creates anxiety and sometimes hesitation with customers. Typically, workpieces are produced according to the just-in-time (JIT) strategy, hence buffers of inventory are usually slim or non-existent. Due to increasing competitiveness, companies have become very lean in their manufacturing strategies. Understanding the long-term benefits attributed to a good routine maintenance program is critical and possibly one of the most important areas to budget and plan for the equipment. This type of preplanning and cyclic approaches with PM programs will result in equipment longevity."

"A good PM program will, in the long run, pay for itself by improving machine uptime, quality and productivity, ultimately leading to higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)," continued the spokesperson. "Preplanning for these events is one of the keys to success in the industry."

The scope and amount of time needed to perform the recommended maintenance protocol will be determined in cooperation between the customer and Bahmueller's Service Manager. These items can be performed by either Bahmueller technicians and/or the customer's maintenance staff:

  • Regular 2,000-hour PM: Can be performed by the customer (utilizing the specific parts kit) or by Bahmueller. It includes replacement of critical wear items; inspection and recording of the findings; functional/mechanical checks; and software backups/updates.
  • Annual PM: Performed by Bahmueller technicians, it includes detailed inspection, alignments, comprehensive report of findings and recommendations of improvements.

According to Bahmueller, regular PM programs promote creation of a machine history (check sheets), as well as reflection for improvements and/or other needed checks/replacements.

Bahmueller's goal to have specific PM part kits available means:

  • Ease of use: All of the necessary items used for the specific PM are included in a single kit
  • Simplified purchasing: Only one part number to be ordered
  • Improved logistics: Parts availability (right parts at right time for the right machine).

For more information contact:

Chip LaRue, Service Manager

Bahmueller Technologies Inc.

2321-A Distribution Street

Charlotte, NC 28203


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