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App for Industrial Service and Repair

Up! is a new mobile and desktop app designed to connect manufacturers who need industrial service to companies that can provide it. This technology is available to both types of users - service requesters and service providers-and helps companies address one of the biggest challenges in manufacturing: machine downtime.

"There are a lot of circumstances when a manufacturer or machine shop might need to find a new service provider - the current provider is not available or can not handle the problem. Up! is there for companies to find more options for service and repair," said David Rhodes, Director of Sales and Customer Success for Up! LLC. "We are recruiting established providers to join the network and making them more visible to machine shops."

The Up! network already includes hundreds of service providers from across the country, including machine tool OEMs, distributors and independent third-party service companies. Technical Equipment, a distributor of advanced machine tools and related technology, is among those service providers who have joined the Up! app and become a part of the network.

"We like the simplicity of the app and the fact that it is free to customers to use," said Michael Schlater, Executive Vice President of Technical Equipment. "We understand that Technical Equipment customers can easily request service for any machine with just a click of a few buttons."

Using the Up! takes three simple steps:

  • Send service requests - Users open the app to send a new service request. They enter equipment information, a brief description of the situation and the current operation status of the machine.
  • Receive responses - In a short time, receive bids from many different OEMs, distributors and independent service and repair providers, all competing for the business. Each bid will include the provider's cost for repair and a time when they will be able to arrive onsite.
  • Schedule repair service - Users then decide which provider works best for their needs, accept the bid and the service provider can get started. When complete, users rate the service provider.

"It is a win-win for both of our users," Rhodes said. "When a machine goes down, it is costing the company revenue, profit and reputation. By having more available resources for getting the machine working again, manufacturers can be up more quickly."

"For service providers, it is a great outlet to connect with new potential customers and improve the visibility of their service offering and capabilities," Rhodes said. "With the ability to bid on service requests and a user-rating system, the best performing service providers can compete for business."

The Up! App is available for download in the Apple App Store for iOS phones and tablets and the Google Play store for Android devices. Users can also use the desktop version online to gain access to a network of service providers.

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