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Ultrasound Sensors for Advanced Lubrication Management

GTI Predictive Technology has announced the immediate availability of GTILube for testing bearing lubrication and condition.

The GTILube is a simple app that uses UE System's sensor technology to baseline and measure changes in the ultrasound signal to determine when a bearing needs lubrication. GTILube uses NASA standards for ultrasound measurement: an 8 dB increase signals a need for lubrication; a 12 dB increase indicates early bearing failure.

GTILube includes a calculator for determining an acceptable amount of lubrication for the bearing based on its geometry. This value is displayed on-screen when the measurement exceeds the Alert level. Users can also enter and display the type of grease for each bearing.

"We are excited to offer GTILube to help prevent bearing failure issues," said Tom Hoenig, President of GTI Predictive Technology. "GTI Predictive is taking the necessary steps to stay at the forefront of this technologically driven industry."

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