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July 2018

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Universal Compliance Compensator
Design and Performance Upgrades for Pick andamp; Place Universal Joints
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Mobile Bending Cell Automation for Press Brake
Material Handling Automation Package for Metal Fabrication Operations
Partnership Agreement for Automated Quality Control Solutions
Multitasking Turning Center Adds Lower Turret for Increased Versatility
Gear Manufacturing with Standardized Components from the Modular Solutions Line
ZDT Service Now Available for All FANUC Robotics Customers
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3rd Generation Image Sensors for High-Speed Automation
TrackMotion Floor for FANUC M2000iA Robot Family
Self-Lubricating and Maintenance-Free Linear Robot
Air Powered Motor Vises for Automated High Precision Clamping
Automated Custom Heavy-Duty Multi-Axis Positioning Systems
Bar Feeder for Small Diameter Bar Stock
Mazaks MPP System Adds Compact Automation to the HCN-5000
Industrial Version of 3-D Measurement Solution Launched
CC-Link IE Field Safety Features Integrated into Servo Amplifiers
Coolant Chillers An Often Overlooked Way to Improve Productivity
New Compact Robotic Dress Pack System
Tray Cable Range for Dynamic Applications
Partnership Brings New Openness with EtherCAT Interface
Cobot Increases Throughput Efficiency and Job Quality
CNC Turning Automation Improves Productivity
Cleanroom Gripper for Small to Medium Part Handling
Machine Monitoring System Online Courses Now Available
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New Micro Gripper Allows Fragile Part Handling
Expansion of Mini Ring Light Product Family
Lever-Actuated Shaft Collars
Independent Manufacturing Cell with Short Commissioning Time
Smart Actuator Line Capacity Extended to 16 kN Loads
Capacity Added to High-Force Electric Actuator Family
Precise Engine Manifold with Two-Blade Cutting
Automated Bending Cell for Small Parts
Advanced Grinders Team Up with Innovative Automation Solutions
Laser-Based Seam Finder Improves Weld Quality Reduces Cycle Times
5-Spindle Lathe with a Single Source Concept
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Automated Bending Cell for Small Parts

The TruBend Cell 7000 by Trumpf is designed to be a fast system for the automated bending of small parts. "With an average cycle time of four seconds per bend, it delivers parts twice as fast as conventional bending cells," said a company spokesperson.

The TruBend Cell 7000 is comprised of several components: a TruBend 7036 Cell Edition press brake, the BendMaster bending robot, the LoadMaster Bend material handling unit, a pallet system and tracks, all within an enclosure that requires only 69 sq. ft. of floor space.

The dynamic TruBend 7036 Cell Edition features a press force of 40 tons and an electric torque motor for high speed acceleration. Intelligent back gauges built from lightweight materials enable parts to be positioned quickly, to achieve a maximum pressing speed of 2 in/sec. The innovative ram is divided into two 20" sections to provide clearance for the grippers on the BendMaster. With precision and repeatability, these grippers can position components with a sheet thickness up to 0.3".

The LoadMaster Bend's multi-vacuum gripper prepares the bending part parallel to the current bending operation. A high-speed vision system identifies the exact orientation of the blanks. The flexible loading arrangement allows for up to 24 different blanks or 4,800 parts to be accurately delivered to the machine. The standard system configuration includes unloading of finished parts to boxes or bins. Alternatively, the system can be equipped so scratch-prone parts are individually unloaded to a conveyor belt.

The TruBend Cell 7036 Cell Edition, BendMaster and LoadMaster Bend are coordinated to achieve a cycle time of four seconds per bend with the TruTops Bend programming software. Offline programming supports and optimizes the tool selection, bending sequences and precise gripping position. Algorithms determine the shortest traverse paths to reduce the time per bend.

As an option, the ToolMaster Bend can be implemented to change bending tools as part of the automated process. This is particularly useful for small batches because the cell can process the different orders without an operator. The BendMaster uses the ToolMaster Bend to select the appropriate tools without having to change grippers. Reading an I.D. chip inside the tool, the integrated Tool Identification System (TIS) automatically identifies the tool type and position and communicates the data to the controller in the tool clamp and in the support tracks of the ToolMaster Bend.

The TruBend Cell 7000 is suitable for all industries that process small blanks, in either short or long production runs, such as appliance or electronics manufacturers, HVAC and electrical equipment builders, as well as food service and agricultural OEMs. Contract manufacturers can also benefit from the ability to process diverse small parts with high productivity and unmanned operation.

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