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Video Discusses Fluid Recycling Return on Investment

In a video produced by Eriez HydroFlow, Ron Wendt, HydroFlow Product Manager, discusses how investing in a fluid recycling program pays off through reduced costs, liability and environmental impact, improved workplace safety and better employee health. The three-minute video is posted to the company's YouTube channel.

In the video Wendt describes the economic advantages of recycling waste coolant: "If you are not recycling, you are paying to haul the waste away and refill with brand new coolant. You can save 40 to 60% of concentrate by recycling and cut your disposal costs down."

There is also a legal responsibility that comes with fluid disposal. Wendt advises viewers that the generator of the waste has "cradle to grave" accountability, even if they use a certified disposal company. Therefore, the company that produced the waste can be fined and charged with clean-up costs if disposal is not handled properly.

Recycling fluids also brings employee health and safety benefits. In the video, Wendt explains that removing tramp oil from coolant on a regular basis reduces oil mist, improving air quality and reducing slippery floors.

Wendt also discusses fluid disposal from an environmental standpoint: "There is a push to be green, use fewer resources and reduce your carbon footprint; if you are recycling fluids, you are going to do that. If you are working to meet ISO 14000 environmental management standards, having a fluid recycling program in place will go a long way toward reaching those goals."

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