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CNC Oscillation Cutting Function

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. announced the upgrade option of Vibration Cutting Control (VCC) via hardware to its M8 Series CNC as a solution to eliminate chip strands while machining difficult to cut material, such as stainless steel, at faster cutting speeds.

"Machine tool and automotive industries alike often experience delays and defects in processes due to long strands of metal build-up that result in decreased production," said a company spokesperson. "Through use of the M8 Series CNC with VCC, the tool axis vibration breaks up the long strands of material that is expelled from the part being produced. This extra functionality speeds up processes, reduces cycle times and provides a better finish on the part being produced."

Scott Strache, Senior Product Manager for Mechatronics at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, said, "The addition of the VCC function provides production facilities the ability to significantly reduce chip jams in the machine while receiving better cycle times and finish on the parts they are producing, resulting in a better ROI to the customer."

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