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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Lathe

TY30-VS by Tryax

The TY30-VS by Tryax is a heavy duty, diamond cut alloy wheel lathe, weighing over 4,300 lbs. and capable of cutting 14" to 30" rims (cars, trucks or even motorcycles).

The TY30-VS offers fast rapids of 393 IPM, a 10-HP main motor and 1.15 kW axes motors. Featuring a vertical lathe design and easy to use Tryax CNC control, it is designed to cut wheel, rims and the hard contours of hub caps.

With its compact design, the footprint of the TY-30VS saves on valuable floor space but is capable of cutting wheels from 14" to 30" in diameter. The circular door design allows easy accessibility to the working area.

The TY30-VS comes standard with a digitizing probe and software package to quickly find the part, follow the contour of the rims and digitize (record) the data for reproduction/cutting. Operators can save the file and never have to re-copy the same rim again, saving time and money. Included are diamond cutters, holders, tooling post, halogen work light, auto lubrication system and USB drive ports. Also included is two days of on-site training.

For more information contact:

Andrew Glover, Sales Rep.

ATRUMP Machinery, Inc.

670 Union Ave.

Pomona, CA 91768


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