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CNC Carbide Cut-Off Machine

The 2 Rod "Auto-Cut" CNC carbide cut-off machine is designed to automatically cut carbide rod into precise lengths. This production machine, designed for cutting tool manufacturers and carbide rod processors, has a large capacity magazine and an automatic loader to provide hours of unattended operation.

"The 2 Rod 'Auto-Cut' can double the production rate for cutting carbide and hardened steel rod when compared with manual cut-off machines," said a company spokesperson. It has easy to use CNC controls with a touchscreen operator interface. Parameters can be quickly set for rod diameter and length. The machine automatically loads and cuts rods from a large capacity magazine. Capacity of the 2 Rod "Auto-Cut" is .079" (2 mm) to .787" (20 mm) diameter rod, up to 15-3/4" (400 mm) long, or .079" to 1.575" for single rod and comes standard with a flood coolant system.

Rush Machinery specializes in manufacturing and servicing a complete line of production and support machinery for the cutting tool industry: wheel truing and dressing machines, dynamic balancing systems, carbide rod and HSS cut-off machines, chamfering machines, grinding oil filtration systems, polycrystalline tool grinders, drill and tool grinders, as well as tool grinding fixtures.

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