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Gear Shaping Machine for Larger Workpieces

The new LS 400 EM with robot cell

Gear shaping of large internal gears up to module 5 mm

Gear shaping of internal and external gearing in a single clamping fixture

Liebherr's LS 400 E gear shaping machine with electronic shaping head is designed for machining and manually loading workpieces with a workpiece diameter of up to 400 mm.

"The desire of several customers in North America to expand the successful Gear Shaping Machine LS 180 E to accommodate larger workpiece diameters was the motivation for the new development," said a company spokesperson. The subsequently developed LS 400 EM with its optimized machine table offers gear corrections for larger workpieces. In addition, it has been designed for manual loading of the workpieces to the machine table and meets all requirements for flexible manufacturing.

The LS 400 EM offers increased flexibility due to the electronic cutter head. "Using this electronic helical guide, multiple gearings with different helix angles can be machined with a single clamping fixture. 'Complicated procurement procedure and time-consuming changeovers of the mechanical helical guides are no longer necessary," said Thomas Breith, Head of Product Management at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH.

The LS 400 EM is suitable for the production of prototypes as well as small to medium serial production. Other users include job shops or spare parts manufacturers. At only 11.65 sq. m, the LS 400 EM has a small footprint and is suitable for smaller production facilities. "The LS 400 EM is suited to customers who want to produce small to medium batch sizes and workpieces up to a max. of 400 mm in diameter and who also require the freedom of flexibility," summarized Breith.

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