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Single Machine Combines High-Precision Hard Turning and Finish Grinding

MikroTurnGrind 1000 is a new development by Hembrug Machine Tools that combines the advantages of high-precision hard turning and finish grinding in a single machine.

"The MikroTurnGrind is developed to meet the requirements of manufacturers with complex workpieces that require grind-finished machining on one or more surfaces. It is a solution for the finish hard turning and finish grinding of complex workpieces in one chucking," said a company spokesperson.

Suited for short run, multiple surface parts with sub-micron precision requirements, the MikroTurnGrind 1000 is designed for workpieces up to O 380 mm or O 200 x 1,000 mm between centers with a maximum hardness of 70 HRC. Achievable accuracies:

  • Surface finish (Ra) 0.1 micron
  • Form accuracies 0.1 - 2 micron
  • Size accuracies ≤ 1 micron.

The MikroTurnGrind 1000 has a wear-free hydrostatic main spindle with a < 0.1 micron run-out and hydrostatic guideways with a +/- 0.1 micron repeatability. It is equipped with a B-axis that offers space for a tool revolver and grinding spindles for internal and external grinding. If necessary, one of the grinding spindles can be replaced by a milling spindle. Automation is optionally available.

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