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Space-Saving Coil Feed Lines

COE Press Equipment has launched its patent-pending SpaceMaster Series 5 compact coil lines, which combine unwinding, straightening and feeding of coil stock into a single piece of compact equipment that can fit within 28' of floor space.

"The servo-driven feeder-straightener has 5 inch diameter straightening rolls and 6.7 inch diameter pinch rolls for processing heavy-gauge and high-strength materials," said a company spokesperson. "The straightener rollers provide a smaller radius around which to bend the material to accommodate advanced high strength steels (AHSS), which need to be bent more severely in order to exceed higher yield points. Featuring COE's advanced heavy duty straightener head design, the SpaceMaster Series 5 enables stampers and fabricators to process a wider range of materials including materials with yield strengths up to 1,000 Mpa."

The spokesperson added, "Another key feature of the SpaceMaster Series 5 design is its servo-driven pilot release, which momentarily relieves built up stress and binding of the strip through the feed and die due to feed length variation, misalignment or camber of the coil strip. The systems also feature powered pull-off rolls to maintain tension on heavy-gauge and high-strength materials."

The SpaceMaster Series 5 lines are capable of handling materials from .040" to 0.620" thick, 24" to 72" wide, and 10,000 to 60,000 lb. coil weights. Materials capable of being processed include CRS, HRS, AHSS, stainless and aluminum. The systems are capable of press feeding speeds of 50 to 60 SPM.

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