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December 2017

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Robotic Inspection with Integrated 3-D Vision
New Robot Loader
High Resolution ForceTorque Sensor
EtherCAT Plug-In IO Modules Compact Drive Technology
Light Weighting Automotive Suspension Component Manufacturer Expands Production
Robot Conveyor Automation System
High Productivity Two Spindle Turning Center
Line of Bearings for Robotic Applications
All-in-One SCARA Robot for Simple Applications
High Speed Picking and Packing with Material Handling Robots
Fuji Electric Expands Drives Portfolio with Full-Featured Inverter
Palletization and Automation Solutions
A Preconfigured TMF for High-Volume Robotic Welding
Ultra-Flat Zero-Backlash Gear
Variable Width and Length Linear Axes with New Modular System
Miniature Bearings Line
Swiss Turning Machine with Automation Options
Machine Vision Integrator Collaborates with Swiss Software Firm
Rectangular Connectors Certified to UL 50e Standards
Multi-Mode Feed Capability for Increased Blanking Speeds
Pallet Handling Systems Expansion Includes Rotary Loading System
Economical Magazine Bar Feeder Loads Small Bar Stock
Compact VMC for Small Component Manufacturing
Circular Connectors for Harsh Manufacturing Environments
Micro Clutches Designed for Compact Precision Applications
Mobile Industrial Robots Boosts Companys Global Competitiveness
All-in-One Ethernet Drives
Miniature Slide Guides
New Stepper Motors in Three Frame Sizes
Customizable Grippers for Collaborative Robots Tasked with Multi-Size Objects
Robotic Automation System with Blue Laser Technology
Parker Launches mPR Series Stage
Flexible Compact Manual Tool Change System
Transform Mobile Device into Virtual Operator Panel
Thin Moving Coil Linear Motor
Broad Spectrum Mini Linear Lights
Linear Actuator Line Offered with New Options
Robot Series Eliminates Calibration Steps for Time and Cost Savings
Next Generation of Entry Level Machines
MIG Welding System for Collaborative Robots
Collaborative Robot Offers Flexible and Affordable Task Automation
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New Stepper Motors in Three Frame Sizes

Nook Industries offers a line of stepper motors designed to provide customers with a total, single source for linear motion solutions.

The line can power ball screws, actuators, jacks and linear modules with a variety of load, speed and power supply options, in two basic configurations: stepper motors and integrated stepper motors.

A wide variety of two-phase, low-inertia stepper motors in three basic NEMA frame sizes are available. Eleven different step motors (NEMA 17, 23 & 34) are stocked and available for quick delivery.

Integrated stepper motors are also available, featuring a motion-control component combined with built-in index feedback. This allows for two-phase stepping along with a high performance drive and a 1,000-line mapping encoder. These features offer a closed-loop, cost-effective means to control a Nook mechanical solution.

"The new stepper motors are ideal for accurate and precise positioning where low costs are a driver," said Ron Giovannone, Director of Application Engineering and Business Operations at Nook Industries. "These motors integrate seamlessly into existing Nook mechanical solutions, creating a single linear motion source for our customers."

With four drives specifically tuned for use with the new Nook stepper motors, and power supplies designed to power stepper and servo systems, Nook can offer a complete actuator system solution. Custom configurations can be modeled and designed through Nook customer service and engineering.

For more information contact:

Nook Industries, Inc.

4950 E 49th Street

Cleveland, OH 44125

216-271-7900 / 800-321-7800

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