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Fiber Laser Cutter Now with Tube Processing

When purchasing a new Bystronic Bystar Fiber laser cutter, it can be now equipped with an integrated rotary axis. To use, the operator inserts the tubes that are to be processed through a hatch on the side of the machine housing or directly through the sliding door on the long side of the machine. Because of the sliding door on the long side of the cutting area, ByStar Fiber users always have access to the parts that are to be processed. This facilitates the set-up for tube processing jobs and the unloading of the completed cut parts.

"The standard version of the new tube processing upgrade enables tubes with a diameter of between 1.25 inches and 12.5 inches and a variety of lengths to be processed," said a company spokesperson. "The standard scope of delivery also includes the Tube Cutting software module. This module is an expansion for the BySoft 7 programming software. It allows users to design parts for tube processing, input existing CAD files and edit them."

To process longer tubes, Bystronic offers a mobile upgrade, the rotary axis box attachment. The rotary axis box enables tubes up to a length of 10" to be fed in through the hatch on the side of the machine housing for processing. The rotary axis box enables the precise positioning of long tubes and provides shielding against laser radiation. When not in use, the rotary axis box can detach by the machine operator in just a few steps. When laser cutting tubes up to 20' in length, users can expand the rotary axis box with an additional extension box. Upon request, Bystronic offers this extension box as an upgrade.

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