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New Tool Measurement and Inspection Models

Elbo Controlli, a provider of presetting solutions distributed through Koma Precision, Inc., offers a new generation of tool presetters, the newly designed E46L and E46L TW.

The new models feature an increased measuring range of up to 600 mm on the Z-axis, a 22" HD touchscreen display along with optical autofocus and new electronic control. These models have been redesigned with a larger granite base for improved measurement accuracy and repeatability.

"The high precision spindle system is fully interchangeable and utilizes a one-piece cartridge with full mechanical tool clamping (pneumatically drawing the tool pull stud into the taper cone) - eliminating the need for adaptors and the errors associated with their use," said a company spokesperson. The E46L and E46L TW are also equipped with Elbo Controlli's proprietary spindle holder identification system (SP-ID). This technology enables the presetter to automatically identify the spindle holder after each replacement, eliminating operator error.

New for 2016 is Elbo Controlli's advanced tool management software package. The intuitive user menu allows operators to quickly and easily measure and save tool data. The software allows operators to create unique CNC machine origins and send offset information directly to the machine tool control. In addition, the software comes RFID ready to measure data to Balluff systems.

The E46L is equipped with an advanced camera system to measure and inspect tools quickly and easily. The E46L TW model is equipped with two auxiliary cameras for inspection of the helix and face of the tool.

For more information contact:

Koma Precision, Inc.

20 Thompson Road

East Windsor, CT 06088

800-249-KOMA (5662)

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