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May 14-16: Davi’s e-POWER Rolling Machine to be Featured at Dallas TECH EXPO 24

Davi, the world’s largest manufacturer of rolling and bending technology, will feature its revolutionary fully electric e-POWER plate roll machine at the Dallas Tech Expo, May 14 – 16, 2024, in Dallas, TX, presented by Capital Machine Technology (CMT).


The expo runs from 9 AM to 4 PM CDT daily at the CMT Dallas Technology Center and will provide attendees an opportunity to learn more about the Davi e-POWER electric plate roll, which was unveiled during FABTECH 2023 last September and represents the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.


The e-POWER is an all-electric 9-axis machine with dedicated inverters and actuators at each axis point. Unlike hydraulic machines, all e-POWER’s axes operate independently and simultaneously to provide maximum speed and torque regardless of how many axes are in use. The ability to operate multiple axes simultaneously dramatically increases throughput with cycle times that are 40% faster than hydraulic machines.


With a positioning accuracy more than twice that of conventional rolling machines, e-POWER provides shops with the highest levels of power and precision. With such precise control and positioning, the machine ensures repeatable and reliable results for a variety of applications, delivering exceptional quality and accuracy in the end product.


The e-POWER is highly energy efficient and only consumes power when it is actively rolling for 50% less power consumption than hydraulic machines and 30% less than electric/hydraulic hybrids. Combined with its ability to roll plates 40% faster than hydraulic machines, the

e-POWER can decrease operating costs by upwards of 60%.


The e-POWER’s design also significantly reduces the need for maintenance. With no hydraulic systems, e-POWER is not plagued by leaking hydraulic seals, clogged lines or the expansion of hoses and fluid because of fluctuations in pressure and temperature. There are also no pistons or valves to fail. The e-POWER system is engineered with fewer components, decreasing the chance of component failure and increasing the machine’s durability and precision. Further, the inverters and actuators that drive the rollers are quickly and easily replaced when needed, as opposed to rebuilding them on site, thus eliminating lengthy repair downtime.


Designed for quiet operation, especially at idle, the e-POWER roller uses a small footprint that maximizes shop space, improves operator accessibility and streamlines installation for further production efficiencies.


Established in 1984, Tampa-based CMT is the largest distributor of metal fabrication and robotic welding machines in the South with a 12-state service and distribution area and technology and training centers in Dallas, Tampa and Atlanta.




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