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April 22-26: Brooks Associates to Host Medical Technology Event in Massachusetts

Brooks Associates Inc., supplier of productivity enhancing equipment for diverse applications including medical, die/mold, aerospace and electronics, is partnering with Starrag Group and EMUGE-FRANKEN USA to host a Medical Technology Event from April 22-26, 2024, at Brooks Associates Showroom & Technology Center located within the EMUGE-FRANKEN USA headquarters, 1800 Century Drive West Boylston, MA.



Attendees can customize their event experience in a private session by selecting the day and time that best suits their applications. The private session will offer a fully personalized, results-driven solution provided by Brook’s dedicated support engineers.


Registration is required.



During the event, attendees will have a first-hand look at an innovative medical technology machining solution featuring the Bumotec 191-e High Precision Multitasking Production Center and EMUGE-FRANKEN end mills toolholders, and learn how it can be tailored to meet their specific application requirements. The Bumotec 191-e offers milling, turning and grinding capabilities, and job changeover is as easy and fast as selecting a different program when switching to a different part. Demonstrations will include bar-fed machining of highly complex medical parts requiring zero human intervention, fast production changeovers by standardizing on tooling, material and workholding and seamless machining/handling of parts comprised of the toughest alloys.


For more information contact:

Brooks Associates Inc.

300 Longwater Drive

Norwell, MA 02061



Starrag Group

Starrag USA Inc.

2379 Progress Drive

Hebron, KY 41048




Emuge Corp.

1800 Century Drive

West Boylston, MA 01583-2121







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