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August 10: Yaskawa Hosts Robotic Webinar

In August, Yaskawa will host its Robot Programming Revolution webinar to explore the ever-changing and challenging industrial landscape.


Robust, yet user-friendly, software platforms are paving the way for greater productivity in manufacturing. Additionally, they are helping manufacturers fill the talent gap by enabling the redeployment of skilled welders to robotic workcell operators. Other benefits like fast and cost-effective programming for complex path planning is also being achieved.


Join Anthony Johnson, VP of Business Development at Mach Machines, as he shares how robotic system integration and user-friendly Delfoi ARC are being used in high-mix, low-volume production environments to increase the effectiveness of the current welding workforce while optimizing operational productivity.


Topic Highlights:

• Industrial landscape outlook – reasons for a revolutionary approach to robotic programming

• Leveraging robotic automation – benefits of redeploying skilled welders to robotic workcell operators

• Magnifying talent expertise – using Delfoi ARC to facilitate efficient and cost-effective programming, even for complex path planning

• Optimizing system uptime – offline programming use cases and success stories, as well as discussion about Mach Machines as a full-solution integrator.



What: "Reducing Robot Programming for Automating High-Mix, Low-Volume Fabrications"

When: August 10, 2022 at 2 PM EDT

Where: Online 







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