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OPEN MIND / hyperMILL Announces Joint 5-Axis Machining Technology Seminar with GROB Systems

OPEN MIND Technologies USA, a developer of CAD/CAM software solutions worldwide, has announced a joint 5-Axis Machining Technology Seminar with GROB Systems, a manufacturer of universal machining centers. On June 4, 2019 from 8 AM to 3:30 PM, OPEN MIND and GROB Systems will offer a complimentary 5-Axis Technology Seminar in Auburn, WA at Machine Tools Northwest.


Highly innovative production solutions for aerospace and other industries will be presented. Registration is requested by May 17, 2019 with Emily Brock at More Seminar Details Found Here.


During the seminar, experts from GROB Systems and OPEN MIND will demonstrate ways for manufacturers to make their production facility more efficient. Technical presentations will alternate with live milling demonstrations, and participants will learn specific manufacturing strategies to boost productivity.


Presentations will include Industry 4.0 – Connected Machining, as well as the ideal interplay between the powerful hyperMILL CAM solution and the latest GROB machining centers.


Live milling demonstrations will show aerospace, including structural and turbomachinery components, and other parts milled on a GROB G350 5-axis universal machining center. The NC-programs will be created using the hyperMILL MAXX Machining performance package, offering enhanced strategies for roughing, finishing and drilling.


OPEN MIND developed a 5-axis tangent plane finishing program for conical barrel cutters specifically for the extremely efficient finishing of hard-to-reach planes. The technology has been expanded to other surface types.  "The optimization potential is enormous: 90% cycle time savings over conventional methods, while achieving excellent finishes, extremely short production times and longer tool life," said a company spokesperson.


"The G350 and the entire Grob universal machine range offers a unique solution for complex components, because it enables overhead (upside-down) machining for immediate and thorough chip removal," the spokesperson added. "It also features a unique spindle which fully retracts from the machining area during part positioning or tool changes to eliminate any chance of collision and fully utilize the work zone."


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