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Sintratec Exhibiting at Rapid TCT Show in Detroit

Sintratec, the Swiss developer and manufacturer of precise 3-D printers for professional use, will introduce an enhanced selective laser sintering system (SLS) solution at Rapid + TCT 2019, May 20-23 in Detroit, MI.


A Sintratec spokesperson said, "The cleverly scalable Sintratec S2 pushes SLS printing onto a new level and will enable users to immediately get stunning results in rapid prototyping, as well as rapid manufacturing. But what is thoroughly new in the SLS field? Besides printing prototypes, the system enables producing small series too."


Swap Materials Quickly

"The Sintratec S2 stands out by its closed-loop workflow. Users not only benefit from a complete 3-D printing system covering all processes from printing to post-processing. The enhanced SLS solution also allows quick material changes and printing almost without interruption. Inserting print-ready units for the next job takes only a few seconds. Thanks to the interchangeable Material Core Units (MCU), downtimes can be reduced significantly. Material swaps can be made faster and happen without any contamination of other printing materials too. Furthermore, a convenient de-powdering system and two additional modules for post-processing (a sand blasting module and a polishing module) ensure fast finishing work. With this, tedious cleaning processes and material contaminations are a thing of the past," the spokesperson added.


Boost Application Design

This innovative system solution is expandable too. "This represents a great opportunity for companies to scale their production according to their needs," the spokesperson continued. "As the user wishes, he can easily integrate additional modules like a second Laser Sintering Station or another Material Handling Station. In doing so, he increases the solution's flexibility in terms of material variety and output capacity. This makes the Sintratec S2 not only interesting for research and development tasks, but also for the optimization of applications."


Dominik Solenicki, CEO at Sintratec, said, “The Sintratec S2 will boost the design of applications and gives the user the opportunity to set foot in small series production as well.”


The Modules at a Glance

The Sintratec S2 consists of three main modules: The Laser Sintering Station (LSS), the Material Core Unit (MCU) and the Material Handling Station (MHS). "The Laser Sintering Station enables users to print precise and consistent objects at a high speed with an enhanced degree in freedom of form. The movable Material Core Units can be easily removed and interchanged between the Laser Sintering Station and the Material Handling Station. This workflow concept results in minimized downtimes and maximized efficiency," the spokesperson added.


Designed to Provide Enhanced Heat Distribution

The Sintratec S2's cylindrical printing area and the ring lamps offer an enhanced heat distribution during the printing process. "Because of a 4K camera, the printing process can be monitored in detail," the spokesperson said. "The Material Handling Station allows a comfortable and efficient unpacking of prints and recycling of printing materials. Easy to access, this module was constructed to be operated at the user’s arm level. Moreover, the powder recycling concept also increases process efficiency. Finally, the air filtration and powder sieving system complete the Swiss 3-D printing system."


The Sintratec S2 is not only a powerful 3-D printing system, but includes fast and elegant powder-handling and post-processing. The fully-integrated solution is monitored and controlled via touchscreen and therefore easy to use.


Solenicki concludes, “With the Sintratec S2 solution we will be opening new opportunities for companies of any size.”


For more information contact:

Sintratec AG

Rapid + TCT Booth 1753








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