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Blue Arc Rapid Removal Process Premier at Technology Preview & Demonstration Hosted by Mitsui Seiki and TechSolve

Mitsui Seiki and TechSolve announced they will host a public unveiling of the Blue Arc machining technology at a Technology Preview & Demonstration located in Cincinnati, OH, Wednesday, June 6, 2018. Session I is 8:30 to 11:30 AM, and Session II is from 1:30 to 4:40 PM. The Blue Arc technology was developed in partnership with GE and Mitsui Seiki in an effort to produce parts out of superalloys faster and more efficiently.


The Blue Arc Technology officially launched at IMTS 2016. "Blue Arc is an electro-erosion metal removal method and represents the fastest way to rough cut extremely tough superalloys, such as Inconel and titanium," said a company spokesperson. "Using high amperage, low voltage electrical energy between the electrode tool and the workpiece, portions of the workpiece are melted and the molten material is quickly flushed away with a high-pressure system. The process uses very low force, permitting higher feeds and speeds. Blue Arc is on average four to five times faster than conventional milling processes."


Mitsui Seiki CEO Robb Hudson said, “We are pleased to be joining TechSolve, a nationally-recognized manufacturing and technology solutions provider, to bring a Blue Arc demonstration opportunity to manufacturers. We plan on showing how Blue Arc cuts Inconel and titanium, quickly and efficiently. We’ll also relay the unique collaboration story between Mitsui Seiki and GE as an example of how to bring process innovations to manufacturers, the current state of Blue Arc technology, its future direction and practical applications for it.”


The particular Mitsui Seiki Blue Arc machine that attendees will see at the Preview & Demonstration is a hybrid; it can do both Blue Arc and conventional machining in the one platform.


CEO of TechSolve David Linger said, “Blue Arc aligns well with TechSolve’s mission to identify emerging manufacturing technologies, especially unconventional machining processes and scaling or translating the technology from the laboratory to the plant floor. TechSolve’s talented scientists, engineers, machinists and business advisers will learn and master the new technology with the goal of educating companies that will benefit from the innovation and shrink their learning curve.”


To register, contact Deb Cordrey at TechSolve by emailing, calling 513-948-6700 or going to the following link:


For more information contact:

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.

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Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417



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