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LVD Strippit Introduces New Compact Material Storage and Retrieval Tower

LVD Strippit has introduced a compact material storage and retrieval tower (CT-P) for Strippit turret punch presses, including Strippit V, VT, M and VX-Series models. The CT-P system is designed to provide increased productivity by facilitating optimal material flow and unattended operation for uninterrupted punching.

The CT-P system provides full capabilities for loading, unloading and storage of raw material and finished parts, thus enabling automated production from stored raw material to stacked finished parts, as well as providing increased storage capacity, said a company spokesperson. The unit facilitates unmanned,lights out production in a compact cell environment.

LVD Strippit's compact tower is offered in two configurations of 6- and 10-pallet units. The system handles workpieces as large as 98.4" x 48.2" (2,500 x 1,225 mm) and sheet weights up to 198 lbs. (90 kg) with a maximum load/unload pallet storage capacity of 5,511 lbs. (2,500 kg).

Pallet construction is engineered for compact setup and safe forklift manipulation, said the spokesperson. Spreading magnet, air knife and peeling cylinder sheet separation devices are used to prevent loading of more than one sheet at a time and effectively separate sheets for automatic loading.

Material management within the CT-P unit is controlled via LVD Strippit's touch screen graphical user interface providing an intuitive man machine interface.

Strippit V, VT, M and VX-Series turret punch presses are engineered as automation-compatible and can be easily integrated or retrofitted with the tower unit.

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