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Konecranes Offers MAINMAN Multi-Point Visual Crane and Hoist Inspection

Konecranes, Inc. now offers MAINMAN, a multi-point visual crane and hoist inspection that can help increase crane safety, equipment productivity and ROI.

"An active preventive maintenance program is crucial to reducing downtime and increasing reliability of your overhead crane and hoist," said a company spokesperson. "MAINMAN from Konecranes creates a proactive customized maintenance plan based on the customer's equipment, application and duty cycle. Inspection results are delivered in a detailed report that captures data on the condition of hundreds of equipment components.

"MAINMAN from Konecranes includes a complete, thorough and professional OSHA compliant inspection delivered as part of a complete/comprehensive report package that includes a business review and access to, a secure website that makes it easy to maintain a comprehensive service and inspection history for all of your overhead lifting equipment. MAINMAN focuses on repairs, preventive maintenance and improving safety and productivity through consultation and planning.

"The MAINMAN crane and hoist inspection tool from Konecranes, enhanced by Konecranes proprietary software, creates a report that details crane prioritization, condition reporting and preventative maintenance planning and repair records. Based on this report, repairs can be planned around production schedules, avoiding downtime and costly emergency repairs. Improvement recommendations are provided and discussed at every step; periodic reviews are designed to ensure goals are achieved."

"The cornerstone of our MAINMAN Maintenance Program is the Konecranes Circle of Compliance. The Circle of Compliance (inspect, repair, maintain) is our basic business model, quality control process and the foundation of our business. This unique quality control process ensures customers are receiving maximum value at every step and are fully informed regarding the condition of their equipment and maintenance options," said Fabio Fiorino, Vice President, Head of Service, Konecranes Region Americas. "Our inspection/preventive maintenance offering, the work we perform, our deliverables and what we train on, must follow the above principles."

"MAINMAN inspections are performed only by highly-trained Konecranes inspectors to ensure compliance with local statutes and laws," the spokesperson said. "Konecranes inspectors undergo a comprehensive training program that involves classroom and on-site training in industry-leading technologies and requirements for all makes and models of overhead lifting equipment, exceeding the crane maintenance experience requirements of CMAA. Each year, technicians also receive an average of 40-60 hours of classroom training."

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