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SafeHold MPL Series Permanent Lifting Magnets from Eriez

SafeHold MPL Series permanent lifting magnets from Eriez are designed to make quick work of difficult, time-consuming steel handling. These magnets operate on 115 VAC power and turn on and off. In the event of an interruption in power supply, the magnets remain in their current position (on or off) and cannot be operated until power is restored. This capability keeps plant workers safe from accidental dropped loads, the company said.

Operators can lift, move or position steel or iron without slings, hooks or cables and without having to manually release the magnet. SafeHold magnets are suitable for handling both flat and round material, especially semi-finished products with flat surfaces such as machine parts, press molds for forming and steel plates. These magnets are also an excellent choice for loading round bars into lathes.

SafeHold MPL Series permanent magnets turn on and off by activating a switch on the magnet (or optional pendant) to provide smooth operation for hundreds of lifting and positioning applications. The internal on/off changeover mechanism eliminates possible scratches on the work surface when loading or unloading. There are no batteries to recharge or replace and no costly D.C. power supply.

Maximum lifting capacity (with 2:1 safety factor) is 4,500 pounds (2,041 kg) for a flat steel plate and 3,000 pounds (1,363 kg) for a round surface product. Thin sheets, rough and irregular surfaces, odd shapes and scale all affect holding power and must be considered when establishing a safety factor.

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