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Crown Packaging Introduces New Sleeve Wrapper Heat Tunnel Machinery

Crown Packaging, Inc. recently expanded services for contract packaging services with the addition of a new Sleeve Wrapper Heat Tunnel machine. This first-of-a kind Sleeve Wrapper is designed to reduce bulk packaging, reduce warehousing space and protect fragile, heavy and bulky items more effectively.

"This proprietary machine was designed with lean manufacturing at the forefront," said a company spokesperson. "By automating a shrink film packaging process, Crown was able to reduce packaging, reduce warehouse space, reduce transportation costs, increase productivity through automation and fit more items on a skid."

This custom machine is suitable for handling fragile, heavy or bulky items including doors, garage door panels, windshields, glass, sheet metal parts, bundle food items for warehouse clubs and retail point-of-purchase displays.

Features include a photo eye sensor designed to provide the ability to handle multiple small to large items up to 60" and the ability to handle weights up to 40 lbs and bulky items.

Michael Palmer, President of Crown Packaging, said, "It's all about savings, efficiencies and speed. This investment of over $100,000 is just one of many lean manufacturing initiatives that Crown has taken recently to reduce waste while improving results. Accomplishing this with such a difficult item to handle as glass windshields is a significant achievement."

For more information contact:

Crown Packaging, Inc.

1885 Woodman Center Dr.

Kettering, OH 45420


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