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EMO 2023: Gehring Pushes Tube Honing as Complete Package with Deephone Machine Series

With the Deephone Series, Gehring Technologies GmbH + Co. KG offers horizontal honing machines for a wide range of large components. At EMO, the Ostfildern-based company will be presenting new developments and features in this segment. These enable demanding and complex machining processes to be carried out even more cost-effectively, the company reported.


"At this year's EMO, we want to show potential customers that we can offer a complete package for honing large workpieces from a single source with our machines, tools and process know-how," said Marcell Wardin, Director Sales & Marketing at Gehring. "This package includes a wide range of precision tube components. These include, for example, cylinder liners for the hydraulic industry, aircraft landing legs, ingot moulds and even radio masts."


Gehring has developed the deephone machine series for precisely these applications, according to a company spokesperson. Stroke lengths range from 2,000 to 10,000 mm, internal machining up to 1,200 mm and external machining up to 300 mm are possible. "An important feature of these machines is their flexibility," Wardin added.


A three-stage gearbox makes it possible to machine a wide variety of workpieces on one machine, the company reported. Depending on the size of the workpiece or the removal rate, the power requirement changes. The three-stage gearbox provides the necessary adjustment. Without such a component, it may be necessary to distribute different workpieces among several machines or to reclamp demanding workpieces. With a complete package from a single source, investment costs may be reduced. Some other details: Double infeed (push/pull) allows roughing and finishing with a single tool. Gehring also equips the machines with a control system for conical honing. This allows workpieces such as moulds to be machined with greater precision. Optionally, a counter-rotating drive can be installed to further increase cutting performance and improve bore geometry.


A special feature is already familiar from conventional honing machines: compressed air measurement. In tube honing, this feature is less common because of the smaller quantities involved. Air gauging allows the diameter to be checked during the process, provided a suitable tool is available. Without air gauging, the operator must stop machining and remove the tool from the deep hole. He may also have to clean the hole before measuring. With air measurement, the operator saves time.


Gehring also offers highlights in the field of tools. "In principle, all tools can be adapted to the deephone machines," the spokesperson said. A machining company with a large tool stock has all the options. Nevertheless, the Ostfildern-based company has added a new DH tool series to its range. "The special feature of these tools is their internal cooling system, which has long been standard in other machining tools. The coolant reaches the machining point with pinpoint accuracy, which benefits tool performance and quality. The internal cooling not only supports chip formation, but also flushes the chip-oil mixture out of the machining area, preventing chips from sticking to the honing stones."


Wardin added, "We expect our new internally cooled tools to reduce machining time by 20-30% and reduce the need for coolant."


The tools are designed for ceramic and diamond cutting edges, allowing a wide range of application adaptations. In the tool body, a linear infeed ensures accurate bore dimensions. This design is particularly low vibration. Less vibration means not only lower noise levels, but also greater process reliability, which in turn means higher quality and improved metal removal rates. The bottom line is a further reduction in machining time. The user also saves time thanks to the bayonet connection, which makes it possible to change tools in no time at all.


Visitors to the Gehring booth will be able to see a Deephone machine and the specially developed DH tooling system. Marcell Wardin concluded, "We are very well prepared. Our experts at the booth will be happy to explain the performance of our complete package for special honing applications".


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Gehring at EMO 2023 in Hannover: Hall 11, Booth E13


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