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August 3: ZEISS to Host Webinar on VAST Options in CALYPSO

"Managing and operating an inspection program have never been more flexible, faster and more user-friendly thanks to ZEISS CALYPSO's unique and separate handling of the characteristics and each of the associated geometric features, along with its automatically generated navigation paths and strategies," a company spokesperson said.

By using ZEISS’ VAST Navigator, VAST Performance and VAST Probing options in CALYPSO, efficiency in measurement time, as well as measurement plan creation process can be optimized even more, the spokesperson said.


Webinar Highlights:

            Measure bores and shafts much faster and harmoniously using VAST Navigator option.

            Simplified feature measuring strategy by [tactile] scanning over grooves using VAST Performance option (Fly Scanning).

            Reduce single point trigger time using VAST Probing option.



WHAT: VAST Options in CALYPSO to Simplify Programming while Optimizing Measurement Run Time

When: Thursday, Aug 3, 2023

TIME: 11AM to Noon (CDT)




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