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September 18-23: Danobat Redefines Precision and Flexibility in the Industry at EMO 2023

Danobat, a machining solutions provider, is set to showcase its precision and flexibility at the upcoming EMO exhibition from September 18 to 23, 2023, in Hanover, Germany.


"With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Danobat continues redefining industry standards and meeting its customers' evolving needs," said a company spokesperson.


"Under the slogan 'Precision and Flexibility Redefined,' Danobat remains committed to delivering exceptional quality and adaptability," the spokesperson said. "Precision is a cornerstone of Danobat's solutions. Precision differentiates Danobat from its competitors and ensures unparalleled accuracy for its customers. Moreover, flexibility is deeply ingrained in the company's organizational DNA, enabling them to proactively respond to market dynamics and provide tailored solutions to meet unique challenges and requirements."


Flexibility of Danobat machines and solutions is achieved through various means, including modular design, advanced controls and software, versatile machining capabilities, integration with automation systems and readiness for fast changeovers, according to the company.


"Sustainability is also a Danobat priority, with energy-efficient technologies, reduced emissions and eco-friendly materials incorporated into Danobat's machines," the spokesperson added.


Highlighted among the exhibited solutions are Danobat's range of grinding and hard turning machines, designed with a focus on precision, flexibility and sustainability. The VG-1000, a hybrid machine, combines grinding, hard turning, milling, boring and drilling in a single setup, satisfying tight tolerances. The CG-1000, a compact grinding machine, offers advanced technologies and robust construction for excellent surface finishes and high production.


Other exhibited solutions include the Estarta-250 and the MikroTurnGrind-100, developed by the Dutch subsidiary Hembrug, which combines turning and grinding capabilities for complex machining tasks. Additionally, the German subsidiary, Overbeck, will showcase the IRD-400, a versatile multi-tasking machine that performs multiple processes with the highest precision.


"Our goal is to empower our customers with the most efficient machines that drive productivity and foster growth," said Danel Epelde, Business Development Director at Danobat. "By embracing flexibility at our core and incorporating precision into our solutions, we offer cutting-edge technology that optimizes operations and keeps our customers ahead in a competitive industry."


The Danobat stand will be supported by a team of experts in different machine types and technologies. These experts play a crucial role in differentiating Danobat, providing invaluable guidance and advice to visitors, and ensuring a successful experience at the EMO exhibition.


Visitors to the Danobat stand (Hall 11, Stand E38) at EMO 2023 will have the opportunity to explore these state-of-the-art machines, engage with industry experts and witness firsthand Danobat's solutions.


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