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March 20-23: Signode Highlights Automation and Reliability Services at ProMat 2023

Signode, a global manufacturer of a broad range of automated packaging equipment, tools, consumables and warehouse automation solutions, will present a wide array of automation advancements in booth #S3531 at ProMat 2023.


Taking place at McCormick Place in Chicago March 20-23, 2023, Signode will showcase how automation and support solutions contribute to a lasting and beneficial partnership, said a company spokesperson.


“We are always excited to demonstrate our latest innovations in automation and packaging solutions,” said Eric Christensen, Group President of Signode’s Automation and Packaging Technologies platform. “This year, we are also honing in on the capabilities we deliver after the sale. Our relationship with our customers does not end with equipment installation. Rather, it is an ongoing commitment to mutual success through continuous support, maintenance and enabling our customers to focus on meeting their customers’ needs.”


This year at ProMat, Signode will feature a selection of its industry-leading automated packaging and wrapping technologies, including the Little David PackPoint and LDX RTB, Octopus S Series and Simplimatic Robotic Palletizer and Pallet Transfer AMR. Attendees will learn how these machines can enhance their own operations and get a true understanding of the benefits of partnering with Signode, from consultation and testing through post-installation maintenance and support from the Reliability Services Team.


Little David PackPoint Packaging System

"The PackPoint automated packaging system is the ultimate machine for increasing efficiency, consistency and throughput while saving costs," said a Signode spokesperson. "Bridging the gap between manual and automated processes, PackPoint combines five job functions into one compact, streamlined unit. Configured to match production requirements, this system can be integrated with robotic picking and packing technology, enabling manufacturers to realize maximum output potential."


Little David LDX RTB Case Sealer

"The LDX-RTB 4.0 Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer features patented technology that can process void-filled and over-stuffed cases with a pneumatic top cartridge," said a spokesperson. "Capable of processing up to 30 cases per minute, the robust design enables simplified maintenance and features case-hardened rollers and nonmechanical side rail actuation. Boasting belt speeds of up to 155 per minute, the LDX-RTB delivers ultimate performance and durability in the most demanding applications."


Octopus Stretch Wrapper

A spokesperson said, "Signode’s line of Octopus Stretch Wrappers provides optimized load containment while maximizing productivity. The Octopus S Series will be featured at ProMat to demonstrate a flexible and intuitive wrapping solution. This fully automatic pallet wrapping machine uses the “S” wrap pattern to improve pre-stretch levels, reduce wear and significantly lower the overall cost of ownership. Coupled with the innovative ability to vary film force throughout the wrap cycle, the Octopus S series wrappers provide the required load containment force while optimizing film usage. Available in medium- and high-capacity models, this versatile machine is capable of wrapping up to 125 loads per hour, maximizing throughput in the most demanding applications."


Simplimatic Essential Compact Palletizer

"Simplimatic palletizers highlight Signode’s dedication to provide solutions that are best suited for your operation," a spokesperson said. "Every robotic palletizing system is engineered for your desired speed, service life, payload, reach, repeatability, and affordability to enhance productivity and reduce labor costs. Designed to be easily integrated with new or existing material handling lines, Simplimatic Palletizers feature adjustable grippers for the versatile handling of pallets, slip sheets and a variety of product types including cases, bags, trays and containers."


Simplimatic Pallet Transfer AMR

"Designed to optimize productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations, the Simplimatic Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is a mobile platform that automates full-load and material transportation tasks previously performed by forklifts. The unit is made to dock to end-of-line roller or drag chain transfer conveyors, facilitating easy integration of autonomous transfer pallets and gaylords in an existing facility. It also navigates autonomously without the aid of lines or magnetic strips, rerouting to avoid obstructions in its path. ProMat attendees will have the opportunity to see live demonstrations of the AMR and meet with Signode specialists to discover the benefits of implementing this innovative technology in their own facilities," a spokesperson said.


Reliability Services

"Signode continues to grow partnerships with its customers well after equipment implementation. Companies of all sizes benefit from ongoing support via the Packaging Plus Reliability Services Team, comprised of more than 500 field service engineers and technicians around the world," said a company spokesperson. "These specialists are equipped with the latest technology, tools and training to keep them secure, efficient, effective and engaged. They also help to keep your operation running as efficiently as possible through the Performance Analysis Report, which includes an assessment of equipment health along with actionable data and recommendations to proactively address specific concerns."


Christensen concluded: “As manufacturers seek out ways to improve operational efficiencies and cut costs, they are increasingly looking toward automation. Each operation is unique. Regardless of industry, our comprehensive consultation services and on-site demonstrations have enabled us to provide tailored solutions to support optimal outcomes for our customers as their businesses evolve.”


With over 100 years of experience working with diverse industries, Signode delivers integrated solutions that optimize your company’s efficiency, process reliability and bottom line.



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