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Voortman Webinar March 23: All You Need to Know About Milling – In partnership with Kennametal

Last year, Voortman started a series of webinars to share knowledge with the various steel processing industries, and this initiative continues this year. The first webinar of the year is scheduled for Thursday, March 23, 2023, at 4 PM (CET), live from the Voortman Experience Center. This joint webinar by Voortman and Kennametal, "All you need to know about milling," will feature a team of experts who will provide information on various aspects of the milling process. This webinar is relevant for both plate- and profile processing industries.


Sharing Milling Process Knowledge

Sharing knowledge is more than just informing. Voortman wants to inspire companies and their employees by delving into specific technical topics. This webinar is completely focused on milling and will cover topics such as: How can you benefit from the milling process? What is the convenience of automatically calculated milling paths? How do the right tools and parameters affect your output and costs? All the ins & outs will be shared with participants. The webinar is accessible to everyone because it can be attended from the comfort of your own workplace. During the event, participants can ask practical and technical questions in the live chat and receive answers from a team of experts.


Cooperation with Kennametal

In this webinar, Voortman partners with Kennametal, an expert in milling tools. Olga Jurriens, Voortman's webinar host, said: "We have a longstanding relationship with Kennametal and started talking about a webinar on milling to address topics of interest for our target audience. Working with a partner like Kennametal in a webinar brings knowledge together. It allows us to present a comprehensive and interactive webinar as we examine milling from various perspectives. Registration for the webinar is now open and, like previous webinars, we look forward to a nice number of participants on March 23."


To attend the webinar, registration is required.







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